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Craters and other features found on both Earth and Mars can help us learn more about the Martian geography as we explore our own planet.
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Mars Rover
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Professional Development Opportunities

The Lunar and Planetary Institute announces a teacher training workshop in summer 2003:

"The Great Desert: Geology and Life on Mars and in the Southwest."

The workshop is designed for teachers of space sciences, grades 6-12. Participants will learn about planetary geology and astrobiology via field studies (Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Valles Caldera volcano), laboratory investigations, and classroom exercises. Teacher trainers will include active researchers in geology and astrobiology from the Lunar and Planetary Institute, the University of New Mexico, and NASA Ames Research Center.

Find out more at:

A record of last summer's teacher training workshop at Yellowstone can be found at:

Mars K-12 National Educator Workshop in Florida

Sponsored by NASA, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Cornell University, and Arizona State University, this workshop will take place June 24-25 of this year. It will help you get your students ready and excited for the next robotic adventures on Mars. Come for a fun-filled two days of fantastic, understandable Mars science, standards-based hands-on activities, lots of classroom resource materials, and upcoming teacher and student opportunities. Two missions to Mars are launching this summer from Florida. Meet the real project people and get the “behind the scene” stories about these fantastic rover missions that will be landing in January 2004. Possibly view a nighttime Mars rover launch. You won’t want to miss this workshop.

Special Guest Speakers will include members of the Mars Exploration Rover team, Mars program scientists and engineers from NASA Headquarters, and other members of the Mars community.Space is limited so sign up early!

Find out more at:

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