Volume: 01, Issue: 10 08/13/2003 
Commander Yuri Malenchenko, the first man to marry in space.
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First Wedding in Space

Congratulations to Commander Yuri Malenchenko and his bride Yekaterina Dmitriyeva for being the first couple to marry while at least one of them was in orbit. Earlier this week, the two were wed via a video link from the International Space Station to the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

When the couple set the date for the wedding, Malenchenko had planned on being on Earth with his bride, but his stay at the ISS was extended after the Columbia disaster. Texan law, which does not require the physical presence of both parties at a wedding, allowed the two to keep the date. So the bride arrived with her bridesmaids and the wedding guests at the Johnson Space Center, and the groom was joined by his best man and fellow astronaut Edward Lu aboard the ISS. After Malenchenko returns to Earth in October, the newlyweds plan to hold another ceremony in Russia and to honeymoon in Australia.

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