Volume: 01, Issue: 12 09/10/2003 
NASA photos from Lance Bass' training visit to Johnson Space Center.
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Lance Bass Named Youth Spokesperson for World Space Week

Lance Bass has been named 2003 Youth Spokesperson for World Space Week, the largest international space event held annually, by Spaceweek International Association. Bass, a certified cosmonaut and member of the popular band *NSYNC, will lead World Space Week’s efforts to excite youth about space.

Declared by the United Nations in 1999, World Space Week is held October 4 - 10 each year and is marked by celebrations in more than 50 nations around the world. Events in the United States will focus on the vital role math and science education play in creating tomorrow’s space leaders and pioneers.

Bass will launch this effort with a global youth competition, “Lance’s Lab,” in which students will design a hypothetical International Space Station module for Bass to live and work in. Winners will meet Bass at an awards ceremony in early 2004.

“For decades, spaceflight has been the privilege of a select few,” Bass said. “While those pioneers explored new frontiers and inspired us with their amazing achievements, now is the time to open that horizon to everyone. By engaging students in the science and engineering of space flight, we’re empowering a new generation with the skills needed to explore the frontiers of space and achieve their dreams.”

Open to students in grades K-12, Lance’s Lab will teach students about living and working in space. Special instructional materials are available to schools at no charge, featuring space-related math and science activities for teachers to use during World Space Week. Materials are available in several languages with activities for all grade levels and require little or no teacher preparation.

By participating in World Space Week, teachers can excite students about learning and receive cash grants. For details or to download educational materials, visit:

The theme of this year’s World Space Week is “Space: Horizon Beyond Earth.” In keeping with this concept, World Space Week seeks to ensure today’s youth have every opportunity to reach that horizon by emphasizing the benefits of strong math and science education and encouraging students to pursue careers in space science and engineering.

“We live in a world today that provides extraordinary opportunities for anyone to become the next great pioneer,” said Bass. “I’m excited for this chance to help young people pursue their dreams. I look forward to meeting a few of the actual designers of the Lance’s Lab competition next year. And who knows, maybe one of those designs will end up onboard an actual space station.”

For more information about Lance Bass’ role in World Space Week, visit:

To learn about World Space Week events and celebrations across the globe, visit:

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