Volume: 01, Issue: 16 11/05/2003 
The Expedition 7 crew of the International Space Station captured this image of the wildfires in southern California. Photo credit: NASA/Ed Lu.
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The fires in the San Bernardino Mountains on the morning of Oct. 26, 2003. Content was provided by JSCís Earth Observation Lab.
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California Wildfires Captured by International Space Station Crew

During the climax of the blazing inferno devastating California, smoke hung like a curtain over portions of the state. The wildfires ravaging southern California were even visible 240 miles above the Earth at the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Ed Lu, part of the Expedition 7 crew, took still photographs of the fires through the windows of the International Space Station before he returned to Earth.

The fires in the San Bernadino Mountains were burning out of control at 2 p.m. EST Oct. 26, when Lu snapped the images. Astronauts aboard the Station take hundreds of photos of Earth during their stay on the orbiting research complex.

The photos taken by Lu are available on the Internet at:

NASA satellite images of the California wildfires are also available at:

Information about Earth photos taken by astronauts throughout the history of space flight is available on the Internet at:

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