Volume: 01, Issue: 07
Astronaut Ed Lu, who celebrated his 40th birthday in space, is the one on the left.
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Unique Birthday Celebration for Space Station Resident

NASA Astronaut Ed Lu celebrated his 40th birthday July 1 while orbiting 240 miles above the Earth in the International Space Station. In honor of his birthday, Hawaii's governor, Linda Lingle, proclaimed July 1 Edward Tsang Lu Day in Hawaii.

Lu currently lives on the Space Station as the Expedition 7 NASA Space Station Science Officer, along with Expedition 7 Commander Yuri Malenchenko. Expedition 7 arrived at the Station April 28 to begin its six-month mission. Lu considers Honolulu his hometown and has a great fondness for Hawaiian aloha shirts. Lu and Malenchenko have been seen sporting colorful new aloha shirts that arrived earlier this month on a Russian resupply spacecraft as a gift from their support team in Houston. Tuesday the Mission Control flight control team wore aloha shirts to honor Lu's birthday.

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