Volume: 01, Issue: 08
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Help NASA Review Instructional Lessons

The NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Office of Education and Public Outreach is seeking volunteers to assist in the alignment of NASA instructional lessons to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards. They are looking for motivated educators to spend 5-10 hours to help place our NASA curricular lessons into a matrix containing the NCTM Standards.

To view an example of the matrix, there is one organizing science lessons available for use by clicking here:

The Proposed Mathematics Education Standards Matrix will utilize the same general setup and the same process for getting to lesson plans.

If you register to participate in the review, you will receive information by mail, including all materials needed to complete the assignment, along with a free poster.

After you have looked over the lesson sent to you, you will be asked for feedback about the lesson and the use of space science in Mathematics, as well as the overall process.

Upon completion of the assignment you will be provided with a Certificate of Participation: NASA Education Materials Standard Alignment Review.

To qualify for participation you must have at least one year K-12 math teaching experience, knowledge of math content standards (national, state, or district), and Internet access. The deadline to participate is August 1st, 2003.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, check out:

You can view the free poster at:

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