Volume: 02, Issue: 01 01/14/2004 
The digital model of the Mars Exploration Rover used in the Mission: Solar System program.
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Mars Explorer Lands in Classrooms

The Red Planet is about to be invaded by classrooms across the country. One way to bring Mars into your classroom is through a new curricular enhancement designed by Space Explorers™, Inc. that allows students to explore the possibilities of Mars, comparisons of Mars and Earth, and the possibilities of life on the planet.

With the touchdown of Mars Explorer on Jan. 20, 2004, students registered for Mission: Solar System will be able to maneuver their own rover on a 3D virtual Martian surface. The 3D terrain has been recreated using Mars Global Surveyor topography. Students participating in the Explorer program will be exposed to many fundamentals of space science, including Newton’s Laws, Kepler’s Laws, Gravity, Orbits and Mineralogy.

While driving their own virtual Mars Explorers, students will be able to explore the possibilities of sustaining life on Mars. Students will complete surface activities such as taking panoramic multi-spectral images, monitoring the weather and taking measurements of rocks and soil samples using a variety of instruments.

The Mars Explorer program is designed to suit the timeline and needs of educators and students. Mars Explorer is an online activity that can be completed in as few as two or as many as five hours using a computer. At the end of their missions, students will be presented with congratulatory certificates recognizing their accomplishments during the mission.

Mars Explorer is a component of the Space Explorers™, Inc. Mission: Solar System program. It joins the existing Moonlink®, Marslink®, and NEARlink® curricular enhancements to create the Mission: Solar System portfolio. Teachers may pick and choose resources from each of these four components to provide the experience that best suits their classroom.

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