Volume: 02, Issue: 01 01/14/2004 
Mars Exploration Rover.
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Bring Mars Activities into Your Classroom

Involve your classroom in these fun activities centered around the Mars Exploration Rovers and the Solar System. Your students are sure to enjoy participating in a Mars Rover Contest, playing a Space Madness game, and earning Solar System Trading Cards.

Mars Exploration Rover Landing Contest
Landing a fully functional rover on Mars presented many challenges to NASA engineers. Now it’s your turn to develop a landing system. Use your expertise to see if you can overcome the challenge of landing on Mars.
Contest Ends Feb. 6, 2004

Space Madness Trivia Game
Try to guess the correct association between the Mars Exploration Rover and the Cassini-Huygens Missions. Students may play for fun or to secure a high score.

Amazing Space Solar System Trading Cards
Choose an object from our Solar System to name it and collect the card. Play this “Name this Solar System Object” trivia game and gain new insight and knowledge about our Solar System.

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