Volume: 02, Issue: 13 07/21/2004 
Time-lapse photography captures cloud-to-ground lightning during a nighttime thunderstorm in Norman, Oklahoma, home of the National Severe Storms Laboratory. Photo courtesy NOAA/OAR/ERL/NSSL.
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Enhance Your Storm Experience

Chase Storms in Your Classroom

Learning about meteorology can be fun and exciting when coupled with hands-on demonstrations and activities. Explore the following resources in your classroom.

Hands-on Science Activities
With supervision, students can create a portable cloud, lightning, or even a tornado.

Meteorology Activities
These classroom activities introduce a variety of meteorology topics, including pressure, air masses, and forecasting temperatures and precipitation.

Tornado Alley Storm Chaser
Students learn about various weather conditions while chasing and identifing storms. Afterward, students can compare their reports with those of professional meteorologists.

Web Weather for Kids
Find various weather activities to demonstrate how thunderstorms, lightning, and tornados work.

World Cloud Cover Pattern Coloring Activity
Here is a just-for-fun coloring activity for your students. (A Java-enabled browser is needed to color online.)

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