Volume: 02, Issue: 16 10/06/2004 
Lance Bass makes a training visit to the NASA Johnson Space Center. Image courtesy NASA/JSC.
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Lance Bass to Visit California Schools

*NSYNC member and World Space Week Youth Spokesman Lance Bass will visit public schools in and around Los Angeles during World Space Week 2004 (Oct. 4 10). Spaceweek International Association, sponsor of World Space Week, announced that Bass will speak with students about space exploration and why science and math are critical keys to their future.

"When I talk with kids about space, they really understand that their generation is the next wave of explorers, and that's really exciting to them," Bass said. "World Space Week gives us the opportunity to fuel that excitement even more and show them the tools especially math and science that will get them there, and bring the rest of the world with them."

Bass also unveiled the second annual World Space Week student competition, designed to get students thinking about space and by extension, math and science in new ways. The competition, "Lance's Lab," challenges students (K-12 or equivalent) to design a module for the International Space Station in which Bass could live and work. Contest winners will meet Bass at an awards ceremony next year.

World Space Week 2004 also marks Bass' formal induction to the National Space Society's Board of Governors. Serving in an advisory and public outreach capacity, this honorary group includes astronauts and prominent individuals who have made a lasting, positive impact on human space exploration, including actor Tom Hanks, journalist Hugh Downs, and futurist Sir Arthur C. Clarke, among many others.

"It's fitting that we recognize Lance's contributions to space education with this honor during World Space Week," said George Whitesides, NSS Executive Director. "Lance's unique partnership with Spaceweek International Association brought an energetic, credible new voice to the space industry and a renewed level of interest in space among young people. His work continues to draw attention to the limitless opportunities space offers children around the world."

For more information about Lance Bass and his involvement in World Space Week, please visit http://www.spaceweek.org .

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