Volume: 02, Issue: 16 10/06/2004 
Lance Bass. Photo courtesy Spaceweek International.
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Celebrate World Space Week in Your Classroom

Help your students celebrate the fifth annual World Space Week in your classroom. Check out these special activities that are sure to get your students excited about space.

Lance’s Lab
Lance's Lab is a global competition to engage students in the science and engineering of space flight. Students imagine that pop star Lance Bass is going to live on the International Space Station (ISS) for three months and must design a Space Station module where he can live, record music, conduct experiments, and communicate with Earth. The activity must be completed during World Space Week (Oct. 4-10), and the deadline to enter the competition is Nov. 1. Student winners get to meet Lance Bass after World Space Week.

World Space Week Instructional Materials
Special World Space Week instructional materials are available to schools at no charge, featuring space-related math and science activities for teachers. Materials are available in several languages with activities for all grade levels and require little or no teacher preparation. By participating in World Space Week, teachers can excite students about learning and even receive cash grants.

Fifth Annual Space Week Challenge
The Iowa Space Grant Consortium is sponsoring the Fifth Annual Space Week Challenge. Classrooms across Iowa can participate in the Challenge and will win prizes by participating. The top class from each grade level (K-3, 4-8, and 9-12) will win a classroom telescope, and the top class overall will win a trip to the Science Station and IMAX. There will also be a drawing for the teachers. One teacher from each division will get to attend the Space Exploration Educators Conference in Houston. The contest involves listening to the Earth and Sky broadcast and doing classroom activities about the solar system and then taking a quiz based on the information from the broadcast and the activities.

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