Volume: 02, Issue: 21 12/15/2004 
NASA will invite 50 schools to become NASA Explorer Schools.  Image courtesy NASA.
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Exciting Contest Opportunities Available for Students

Want to help your students learn more about math, science, and technology in a hands-on manner? Several innovative contest options are available to help your students do just that.

NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP)
The NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP) is a national program of six competitions linking students in grades K -12 directly with NASA's diverse and exciting mission of exploration, research, and discovery. Students may prepare entries as individuals, as teams of 2-4, or as a whole class, depending on the competition category and grade level. NSIP provides educators with instructional material and classroom-ready resources that support an inquiry-based approach to science, math, technology, and geography education. In preparing their investigations for submission to NSIP, students sharpen their inquiry, problem solving, and creative writing skills. It is a great opportunity to watch students excel!

Langley Research Center Personal Air Vehicles Competition
NASA Langley Research Center's high school student competition challenges students to characterize societal impacts resulting from widespread use of Personal Air Vehicles in the year 2030. Students should submit a well-written, focused paper that describes how our future society might adapt to the widespread use of Personal Air Vehicles (PAVs). Underlying assumptions students should consider include the following: futuristic personal air vehicles are easy to use, are self-operated, safe to operate, fuel-efficient, less noisy than today's aircraft, less polluting than today's aircraft, or more affordable than today's aircraft. Teams or individuals are encouraged to submit an entry.

NASA Explorer Schools Competition
Schools across the country are encouraged to apply online for an opportunity to partner with NASA in a program designed to bring engaging mathematics, science, and technology learning to educators, students, and families. Each year, the NASA Explorer Schools (NES) program, which launched in June 2003, establishes a three-year partnership between NASA and 50 school teams, consisting of teachers and administrators from diverse communities across the country. NES teams acquire and use new teaching resources and technology tools for grades 4-9 using NASA’s unique content, experts, and other resources. Schools in the program are eligible to receive funding (pending budget approval) over the three-year period to purchase technology tools that support science and mathematics instruction. The application deadline is Jan. 31, 2005.

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