Volume: 03, Issue: 12 06/15/2005 
Space Explorers, Inc. "Ham" T-shirt.
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Spitzer Captures Rumbling of Dead Star
Opportunity Breaks Free on Mars
Deep Impact Prepares for Independence Day Extravaganza

Excite Your Students about Space

Looking for new ways to get your students fired up about space? Check out the following list for helpful tips.

Teach them about animals who have traveled in space.
Try wearing a Space Explorers Ham T-shirt to class or handing one out as a prize.

Arrange a Science Night for parents and students.
Allow parents to visit students’ classrooms and/or attend a special presentation to see what exciting science discoveries they’ve been making throughout the year.

Invite a space professional to speak at your school.
Learn about the mysteries of science first-hand by inviting a speaker to talk to your class about space topics.

Organize a space-themed science fair competition.
Students can submit entries such as solar system models, experiments, space artwork, and more. Turn the fair into a competition and create even more incentive for students.

Host a star gazing event.
See if your students and their parents can pick out constellations, planets, or other heavenly bodies during a star gazing night.

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