Volume: 03, Issue: 13 06/29/2005 
Astronaut Dr. Catherine "Cady" Coleman. Image courtesy NASA/JSC.
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Astronaut Janice Voss. Image courtesy NASA/JSC.
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Learn From Women in Space Fields

Standardized test sores often indicate that girls are struggling in the areas of math and science. The workforce is saturated with men in the scientific and technological fields, and many feel something must be done to encourage more female students to pursue future studies and careers in these fields.

Help your female students become excited about space by letting them hear about what itís like to be a woman in the space industry in the words of female astronauts and science experts themselves. Review the logs of Space Explorers, Inc.ís online chats with the following influential women:

  • Mars Science Laboratory team member Dr. R. Aileen Yingst

  • Astronaut Catherine ďCadyĒ Coleman

  • Astronaut Janice Voss

  • Mars Exploration Rover team member Dr. Catherine Weitz

  • Mars and Venus expert Dr. Martha Gilmore

  • Research scientist Dr. Daria Schmidt

    View these chat logs and many more by visiting the Space Explorers Online Chat archive at http://www.space-explorers.com/internal/events/weekly/onlinechats.html .

    And donít forget to check out the rest of the Space Explorers Events page for more exciting activities, including message boards, Weekly Feature activities, Opinion Corner forum, Featured Class, Classroom Publicity Kit, and much more!

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