Volume: 04, Issue: 11 01/25/2006 
Children participate in Marslink.
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Children at Meadowview Elementary participate in a mission simulation.
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Children at West Elementary participate in Orbtial Laboratory.
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Grant Opportunities

If you would like to provide your students with innovative technology, but you do not have the funds available, visit these websites for information about receiving grants to help you get the products you want in your classroom.

Adopt-a-Classroom Grants
Teachers who register at the Adopt-a-Classroom website below can be adopted by an individual, a business, or a foundation. Once adopted, teachers will receive $500 worth of credit to purchase items that enrich the learning environment, including classroom technology.
For more information visit:

AT&T Foundation Grants
The AT&T Foundation awards grants to education projects that focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning through the effective use of technology; developing workforce skills for the information technology industry; and advancing diversity in education and the workplace, especially in the fields of science, math, engineering, and technology.

Corning Foundation Grants
The Corning Inc. Foundation, established in 1952, develops and administers projects in support of educational, cultural, and community organizations.
For more information visit:

CVS Innovations Grants Program
CVS pharmacy has been promoting innovative thinking in public schools for more than a decade.
For more information visit:

EDS Technology Grants
The EDS Technology Grant Program helps teachers of children ages six through 18 purchase information technology products and services that will improve their students' ability to learn.
For more information visit:

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