Volume: 04, Issue: 16 04/05/2006 
Teachers work together at a workshop.
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Teachers work on a poster at a workshop.
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Professional Development Workshops and Institutes

Check out these institutes, seminars, and workshops for teachers looking to further their professional development.

Nanobiotechnology Institute for Teachers
The Nanobiotechnology Institute for Teachers will immerse biology, chemistry, physics, and technology teachers in a one-week research experience at Cornell University. Teachers will actively participate in research within the center, gaining skills and understanding in the new field of nanobiotechnology. Participants will also test drive curriculum modules for their classrooms and will be invited to borrow nanotechonology kits.

For more information about this institute, please visit the following website:

Educator Workshops at Chicago’s Field Museum
Explore the Earth and its inhabitants through The Field Museum’s collections, exhibitions, and artifacts. Earn CPDUs, CEUs, or Lane and Aurora University graduate credit.

For more information, please visit the website below:

Wright Center for Science Education’s Teacher Workshop
Tufts University’s Wright Center will offer a series of free workshops for teachers, with some held at locations around the country. Relatively Physics will be held in April and May at Tufts University and on April 5 and June 23 at Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy. Science in Elementary Education II will be held in May. Teach Everything Under the Sun I will be held May 6, 20, and June 3. These are only examples of the workshops that will be offered.

For more information, please visit the following website:

Aerospace Education Seminar in Montana
The Montana Wing of Civil Air Patrol will conduct a two-hour aerospace education seminar for teachers and youth program leaders. The seminar will be led by the Montana Wing Director of Aerospace Education, Major Kaye Ebelt, also of NASA and Target Range Middle School in Missoula, Montana. This seminar will be very “brains-on,” and participants receive classroom-ready aerospace education materials.

For more information, please visit the following website:

Midwestern Space Education Academy
Space Education Initiatives and the Iowa Space Grant Consortium invite you to attend the fifth annual Midwestern Space Education Academy. The 2006 Academy will be held July 17-21 in Madison, Wisconsin. This is an excellent opportunity for educators to gain knowledge of integrating aerospace activities into the curriculum. Aerospace education is both exciting and challenging. It can be integrated into any subject area and at any grade level.

For more information, please visit the following website:

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