Volume: 04, Issue: 03 10/05/2005 
Starchaser will launch its rocket at the X PRIZE CUP celebration. Image courtesy Starchaser.
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Rocketplane Limited, Inc. is one of the exhibitors at the X PRIZE CUP celebration. Image courtesy Rocketplane Limited.
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Aerospace Enthusiasts Gather in New Mexico for Countdown to X PRIZE CUP

Aerospace aficionados are gathering in Las Cruces, New Mexico this weekend for the Countdown to the X PRIZE CUP. The event will celebrate the efforts of organizations working tirelessly to build vehicles that will carry civilians to space.

“We are here to jumpstart the personal spaceflight industry,” said Dr. Peter Diamandis, Founder and Chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation, “and these are the space entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of that new industry. These are the individuals that will go down in the history books as the Wright Brothers and Lindberghs of the 21st Century.”

The Countdown to the X PRIZE CUP will include demonstrations and presentations by companies at the forefront of the personal spaceflight industry. The weekend’s events will include a public symposium on the future of spaceflight at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces on Oct. 6; educational and public outreach activities at the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo on Oct. 7-8; and Personal Spaceflight Expo at the Las Cruces International Airport on Oct. 9. The Spaceflight Expo will feature several exciting events:

  • Official fly-in of vintage aircraft, gliders, and spacecraft, which will then be put on display.
  • Demonstrations, booth displays, and launches by several leading aerospace companies.
  • Exposition traveling trailer with simulators, models, game, and films.
  • Announcement of the official program for the Inaugural X PRIZE CUP event in 2006.

    In addition, several companies will dazzle crowds with their vehicles at the expo. XCOR Aerospace will fly a rocketplane called EZ-Rocket, attempting to break a world record. Starchaser will ignite its 7,000-pound liquid rocket engine in a spectacle of 20-foot flames. Armadillo Aerospace will fire its newest rocket engine concept. Several other companies will also be in attendance to showcase their vehicle concepts and answer questions.

    For more information about the X PRIZE CUP and the weekend’s events, visit www.xprize.org .

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