Volume: 04, Issue: 09 12/28/2005 
Earth System Science Education Alliance(ESSEA). Image Credit: ESSEA.
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AESP activities. Image Credit: AESP.
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AESP specialist Ron Ernst demonstrates NASA technology at a New York School.  Image Credit: AESP.
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Learning and Teaching with NASA and ESSEA

Looking for other ways to learn new information? Then check out these programs listed below. They provide educators with training to promote careers in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology.

NASA Explorer Schools (NES)
Selected school teams of educators and administrators will join NASA in a three-year partnership for sustained professional development to develop rich learning opportunities in mathematics, science, and technology for students and families. More information can be found at http://explorerschools.nasa.gov/portal/site/nes/

NASA Aerospace Education Services Program (AESP)
Specialists engage students and support educators in activities which promote study in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in order that they may consider those fields as a future career. More information can be found at http://www.okstate.edu/aesp/AESP.html

NASA's Educator Resource Centers (ERC)
Located on or near NASA Field Centers, museums, colleges, or other nonprofit organizations. The ERCs provide educators with inservice and preservice training, demonstrations, and access to NASA instructional products. More information can be found at http://education.nasa.gov/about/contacts/Educator_Resource_Center_Network.html

Earth System Science Education Alliance (ESSEA)
This organization supports educational institutions across the country in offering a series of online ESS courses for teachers. Working in collaborative groups, teachers earn graduate or continuing education credit while solving problems, building models, and designing classroom activities. More information can be found at http://www.cet.edu/essea/

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