Volume: 05, Issue: 12 05/09/2007 
Camp Director Jason Marcks.
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Former NASA astronaut Daniel C. Brandenstein. Image credit: NASA.
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STS-116 Discovery night launch. Image credit: NASA.
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A Space Experience

From July 29 – August 3, 2007, students in 7th – 12th grades can attend A Space Experience at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. It will be a week filled with rockets, robotics, astronauts, scientists, and space flight simulations. Program participants will take part in a wide range of training sessions, meet research scientists and aerospace professionals, conduct space science experiments, participate in space flight simulations, and much more during this exciting program. Space Experience cadets will have the opportunity to design, build, and test their own space mission, including working with rockets, heat shields, and recovery systems. In addition, cadets will be trained to use a solar telescope, navigate using the space-based Global Positioning System (GPS), and receive cadet astronaut training.

Special features of the camp include neutral buoyancy training. This is the same training that astronauts receive prior to performing space walks. Cadets will be designing and programming a planetary rover using VEX™ Robotics kits. Their rovers will rescue stranded astronauts, sample volcanoes, deploy experiments, and complete other tasks while exploring the Solar System. There will be daily presentations from people working in the space science industry. The group will also attend a private show at the Barlow Planetarium. The director of the camp is Jason Marcks, Earth and Space Science Specialist for Space Education Initiatives. The special guest at this year’s camp will be former NASA astronaut Daniel C. Brandenstein.

Many middle and high schools offer scholarships or other assistance for students to attend summer camps. Students should check with teachers and guidance counselors to determine eligibility. Also, many community civic organizations, local businesses, and area clubs often provide assistance to students, especially Rotary, Optimist, and Lions Clubs.

For more information, or to register for A Space Experience go to:
http://www.uwgb.edu/camps/html/camps/space/index.htm or call 1 (800) 892-2118.

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