Volume: 05, Issue: 19 12/12/2007 
Artistic depiction of the meteor impact. Image credit: NASA.
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A massive and rare explosion on the surface of this neutron star--pouring out more energy in three hours than the Sun does in 100 years--illuminated the region and allowed the scientists to spy on details never before revealed. Image credit: NASA.
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Photo courtesy NASA/JPL.
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Science Events/Activities

To learn more about space science outside of the classroom, participate in these fun science events.

NASA's Solar System Ambassadors
NASA's Solar System Ambassadors are leading events across the nation in malls, classrooms, and on the radio to share the wonders of space exploration. The Solar System Ambassadors help the public follow the excitement of space exploration and get the latest results from spacecraft. For more information, please visit http://www2.jpl.nasa.gov/ambassador/events.html.

Internet Science and Technology Fair
The ISTF was created to afford pre-college students in grades 3-12 a chance to experience the excitement of researching solutions to real-world problems involving science, engineering, and other technical fields of study. Students primarily use information and communication technology tools to conduct their online investigations. They work as a team, communicate with professionals, apply science inquiry, and present their research findings in a professional manner. For more information, please visit http://istf.ucf.edu/.

MIT Women's Initiative Program
Each January, women from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) School of Engineering are selected to visit middle and high schools nationwide to speak with young women about the excitement of careers in engineering. The presentations include activities to engage students in thinking about engineering concepts, demonstrations of projects on which the presenters have worked, and information about the fields of engineering and the life of an engineering student. For more information, please visit http://web.mit.edu/wi/.

New England Science Symposium
Established in 2002, the symposium promotes careers in biomedical science. The aim of the symposium is to encourage postdoctoral fellows; medical, dental, and graduate students; post-baccalaureates; and college and community college students involved in biomedical or health-related scientific research to present their research projects through oral or poster presentations and to exchange ideas to further their career development, and to expand their professional network. For more information, please visit http://www.mfdp.med.harvard.edu/med_grad/ness/.

FETC 2008 Ed Tech Conference
Educators, administrators, and educational-technology experts from around the world will gather for FETC 2008, The Educational Technology Conference in Florida. The conference, to be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, offers educators from kindergarten through college the opportunity to learn how to integrate technology into their curriculum. More than 200 concurrent sessions provide professional development and demonstrate how products, applications, and best practices can be used in the classroom. For more information, please visit http://www.fetc.org/.

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