Volume: 06, Issue: 10 10/08/2008 
Glory satellite. Image Credit: NASA/GSFC.
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Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Award. Copyright © 2008 Conrad Foundation & Digital Solutions.
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Exciting Student Opportunities

Check out these opportunities to send your name around the Earth on NASA’s Glory mission, and participate in the Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Award.

Send Your Name Around The Earth On NASA's Glory Mission

Members of the public can send their names around Earth on NASA's Glory satellite, the first mission dedicated to understanding the effects of particles in the atmosphere and the sun's variability on our climate. Participants will receive a printable certificate from NASA and have their name recorded on a microchip that will become part of the spacecraft. The deadline for submitting names is Nov. 1, 2008.

The Glory satellite will allow scientists to measure airborne particles more accurately from space than ever before. The particles, known as "aerosols," are tiny bits of material found in Earth's atmosphere, like dust and smog.

For more information, please visit the following website:

Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Awards

The Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Awards combines education, innovation, and entrepreneurship by challenging high school students to design products using science and technology. The competition includes platforms in personal spaceflight, lunar exploration, and renewable energy.

Teams will compete for over $120,000 of prize money as well as the opportunity to connect with leading scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. The awards create a long-term community for students and teachers and provide resources and opportunities to develop and incubate commercial products. The competition is just the beginning of this journey.

For more information on the Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Award go to:

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